(CBS Local)– During his time in Sacramento, Chris Webber was one of the best players in the NBA and the Kings were consistently one of the top teams in the league. The 5x All-Star fell in love with the city and the fans and he is still close today with former teammates like Mike Bibby, Vlade Divac, Doug Christie, Bobby Jackson and Jason Williams.

Today, Webber is an NBA analyst for TNT and is involved in multiple business ventures. He teaches an online class at Morehouse College in Georgia on athlete-activism and recently announced a partnership with JW Asset Management to launch a $100 million cannabis impact fund. The former Kings star has been in the cannabis space for over five years now and he wants to empower the next generation of minority entrepreneurs with this venture.

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“During the latter part of my basketball career, I really became involved in business. I tried to become as competitive in it as I was in basketball,” said Webber, in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “I started off as a rookie, started learning and built a great team. I was able to partner with Jason Wild and he is one of the leaders in the cannabis industry. I’ve been in the cannabis industry for about five and a half years. I talked to him [Jason] about how hard it was for certain people to be in the business, let alone people of color. There are those without access and those who don’t have a voice. If we invest in those who really need an opportunity, we can really make sure the industry will really be in a great place going forward.”

Webber is keenly aware of the history of marijuana in this country and is focused on changing the narrative around cannabis. While it’s been over 15 years since his last game in Sacramento, Webber says his time with the Kings was one of the most important chapters of his basketball life.

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“When you say Sac Town, the first thing I thought about is the river. I used to be on the river all the time. I was on the boat fishing and hanging out in the water, so that was cool. I think about all the trees. It is so dense with trees and it’s a beautiful city,” said Webber. “I think about the smiles of the people and the fans. The fans are crazy and just stupid. Shoutout to sign lady, my girl and her husband who is a body guard. It’s a great town and I just think about the people. The people are just wonderful and that’s really why I just wanted to stay.”

The former Kings star says he still keeps a close watch over his former team. Webber likes what he has seen this season from guys like De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield and Marvin Bagley III and thinks Sacramento is headed in the right direction.

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“I love the Kings, they are playing scrappy. I just love Buddy Hield’s game. He’s one of the best shooters in the game and is so special,” said Webber. “I love the fact that Fox has really taken on the mantle. He got better and was playing better, but he still had to learn to be a leader. Sometimes you just have to get mad. He got mad over the summer and he’s always been a great player. Now I think he’s becoming a great leader. I think Luke Walton is doing a good job and they are fighting and the West is tough. I think for them it’s all about playing with speed. I like Marvin Bagley and his energy. He goes up and down quickly and he’s a great help defender. I think he’s just getting to learn the game. His game has been evolving and changing. I think you will see him move his game out a little more and use his quickness.”