By CBS13 Staff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg says he’s “appalled” by the recent spike in apparent hate crimes targeting Asians.

Earlier this week, an Asian-American business owner reported finding a dead cat in the parking lot next to their butcher shop. Kelly Shum said they looked at security footage and noted that man who had bought some items at their store appeared to be the one to dump the mangled animal.

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Sacramento police confirmed that there was a report on file about the incident and that it is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Shum said she has experienced several instances of anti-Asian sentiment over the past year, but this was the first incident that she reported to authorities.

“I’m Chinese and I’m right here at the front. People can see who I am and they know who I am, and I don’t want to be ashamed of it,” Shum said. “But, like, all of the prank calls about bat soup or ‘do you guys carry cats and dogs’ and all that stuff, I couldn’t take it anymore.”

On Friday, Mayor Steinberg spoke out against the rising number of incidents targeting the Asian community, citing the butcher shop incident as one example.

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“I am appalled by the growing number of incidents of bias and crimes targeting members of our Asian-Pacific Islander community. We cannot tolerate such mindless hatred,” Steinberg wrote.

Steinberg also thanked Sacramento police for investigating the mangled cat incident as a potential hate crime.

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California lawmakers also introduced a bill this week that would create a hotline and online system for reporting hate crimes.