By James Taylor

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento-based business is getting a lot of attention after successfully moving a San Francisco Victorian home last weekend.

Cameron Scott is in the spotlight after driving the truck that carried an entire 139-year-old Victorian mansion seven blocks. 

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“One of my dreams was to move a building through San Francisco,” Scott said. “It was amazing. Just seeing all the people coming out.”

The 27-year-old says there’s a lot of pressure being the one behind the wheel.

“Before you take the first pull, you’re always going back through your head, ‘Did I do this? Are the blocks out of the way of the tires?’ You know, everything running through your head, what could happen next,” Scott said.

But it’s nothing new for his family-owned company, Scott Heavy Movers. The Sacramento-based business has been around since 1959 and they’re known for moving massive objects like buildings and bridges.

“It’s crazy because this happens every single day, the only difference between this one and a normal one is because we were in San Francisco,” he said.

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In the Sacramento area, Scott Heavy Movers is currently working on a FEMA-funded project to raise homes out of the floodplain.

“We probably did six or eight in the last year, and that’s great because it’s really helping out a lot of people,” Scott said.

Sacramento has also seen its share of historic Victorian-era mansions being moved. The 135-year-old Llewellyn House at 10th and H Streets has actually been moved twice. Most recently, in 2002, it was lifted from property behind City Hall and transported across the street.

For the Scott family, it’s a sense of pride knowing their work is helping save history.

“If not, this building would have been demolished, which is a terrible thing to think of because it is a beautiful building inside and out,” Scott said. “Knowing that we moved it is a great feeling.”

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The house traveled at a top speed of one mile per hour, and the move took about four hours to complete.