By CBS13 Staff

WOODLAND (CBS13) — Police are warning Woodland residents about a scammer who is selling people what he claims is gold, only for it to turn out to be fake.

Woodland police say at least two people reported being scammed by the suspect on Wednesday. Both incidents followed a similar script in that a man pulled up in a newer, black-colored GMC Denali with what looked like his family inside.

The suspect then goes on to share a story about how he’s out of money and trying to sell the only things of value he has left – some “gold” rings, necklaces and other items.

After buying the items, police say the victims later discovered that they actually had no value.

Surveillance photos of a person of interest in the scam have been released by Woodland police, but other Yolo County residents have also reported similar incidents of being approached under the same circumstances.

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Anyone who encounters the suspects is urged to call authorities at (530) 666-2411.