Community members raised money to buy the vendor a new food cartBy Marlee Ginter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Video showing a group of people harassing a Sacramento street vendor sparked more than outrage, it spurred support for Edith Barralles, who had her cart kicked the ground.

“That’s why we’re here, to help celebrate, make her feel good and let her know that the community supports her,” said Olivia Fonseca.

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A parade of cars drove up to the Barrelles’ home Friday after community members raised enough money to bring her a brand new food cart.

“There’s no words to express the gratitude and I’m very overwhelmed with appreciation,” Barrelles told CBS13 through a translator.

Branden Smith called CBS13, wanting to tell his side of the story. Smith is the man seen in the video kicking Barralles’ cart over, something he says he regrets. 

“This situation was way more than what the clip showed,” said Smith.

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But Smith says the clip didn’t show everything that happened that day, including what started it all, which was his niece’s scraped knees after she says Barralles pushed her to the ground. Smith also explains the video didn’t show the group of men in the background who he says fueled the fight.

“And when I found out it was her cart, even if it was a man’s cart, I was still wrong for kicking it over. Which I will be the first person to tell America and the world that I’m wrong and I apologize. I’m only human,” Smith told CBS13.

Smith says he would’ve offered to buy Barrelles a new cart. He and others who were in the video met with Barrelles and her family to apologize and clear the air.

Smith says his sister lost her job over the incident because many claimed it was racially motivated, which Smith says is not true. 

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He says he and his family are long-time customers of Barrelles and that the fight got out of hand.