By Rachel Wulff

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — On this International Women’s Day, we took a look at a field that used to be dominated by men, where almost a quarter are now women.

Many of these women are working two jobs as they serve our country.

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Staff Sergeant Austin Rozelle-Murphy appreciates a day in her honor.

“It is nice to know that there are people who think about us and the work that we’ve put in. Not just here, not just wearing this uniform, but in general,” she said.

She is responsible for new recruits, overseeing hands-on training for eight weeks at the aerial port at Travis Air Force Base.

“We are a team and we don’t do it without each other,” Rozelle-Murphy said.

She has seen the number of women in that branch of the military grow over time and so has Master Sergeant Jeannie Ecklund.

“I do think many see this as a career,” she said.

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The Air Force has the largest number of women serving the country, with 21 percent of the force being female.

“I think it makes it a more well-rounded workforce and it brings different things, sometimes some empathy, some different views and different sides that make us better,” Ecklund said.

Ecklund, a mother of three boys, works with C-17’s, overseeing nearly 300 active duty civilians and reserves. She is affectionately called “Momma Ecklund” by her squadron.

“So I know they’re looking up to me, but it’s funny because I think I look more down to them to see, because they have so many ideas and different ways to do things I didn’t think of and didn’t even have the opportunity of when I came in,” Ecklund said.

She sees the military as a way to pave the way for better opportunities for women and their children through the tuition assistance program.

“So you have the opportunity to go while you are serving and we also have the opportunity and funds after, that you can use for yourself for college and you can also transfer over to your dependents,” Ecklund said.

Working moms can grow while they give back, Rozelle-Murphy said.

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“It is nice to know that it is recognized and people do care and see what we do,” Rozelle-Murphy said.