By Renée Santos

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – One year ago, the coronavirus took over life as we knew it.

People were told to stay home as the world shut down. Who would have thought that so many of us would be riding the same rollercoaster in life over the past year?

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People were faced with so much uncertainty, at first not knowing what the virus was or how it would change people’s jobs, lives at home and school.

February of last year, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the first community transmission case of COVID-19 in Solano County. Since then, the virus began spreading fast.

But now, life as we once knew it is coming back, it just looks a little different. People say they are finding joy again whether it’s being back at work, back in school or simply realizing how far they’ve come.

That includes David Kenny, who CBS13 met last year when he was just starting distance learning with his daughters.

“Kid needs something and work needs something at the same time,” Kenny said.

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Like many of us, his family had no idea how long the pandemic would last.

“The year that we thought was going to be two to three weeks,” he said.

But now Kenny and his girls are mastering life at home now.

“Kind of like a stay-at-home dad and a full-time worker at the same time,” Kenny said.

His daughters are now just anxious to visit Disneyland again, which is set to open next month.

“They promised us a Disneyland trip,” said Fiona Kenny.

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There’s new hope for the future after a year that tested the world’s strength and has shown the true power of kindness and love.