By Ryan Hill

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Surveillance video captured the moment an SUV nearly crashed into a Stockton apartment early Wednesday morning.

Heather Monfross and her boyfriend say the beyond frightening moment happened around 2 a.m Wednesday.

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“He was going really fast. It was dead outside,” Monfross said.

They watched the SUV barreling towards their apartment at the corner of Oak Street and Airport Way.

“This wall is like right here, our beds here. You know, our daughter was on the bed,” Monfross said.

“I’m sitting there thinking it could be coming into our house and the baby was right there too,” Mohammad Azeem, Monfross’ boyfriend said.

Monfross said a few slabs of concrete were their saving grace.

“That little retainer wall is the only thing that stopped him. If not, the car would’ve come into us,” Monfross said.

After realizing they were all okay and the car missed their home by mere feet, Monfross went out to go check on whoever was in the car and call 911.

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“And, there was nobody in the car. Once that happened, we checked back on the cameras to see what really happened. And we could see a person running,” Monfross

Stockton Police told CBS13 they’re investigating this crash. The department said that the vehicle took out a power box and that the driver ran away after the collision.

Police told CBS13 the person seen on Monfross’ security cameras is considered a person of interest.

“I don’t even know how he ran from that, to be honest. That car was pretty smashed up,” Monfross said.

After watching this black and white video, this family is finding a silver lining and a message.

“Luckily nobody else got hurt, you know? He didn’t hit anybody else,” Azeem said.

“He would’ve killed somebody. He could’ve hurt us.  He could’ve hurt my baby. He could’ve anybody at that point,” Monfross said.  “It’s just reckless. There’s no need to go that fast here.”

The family says they’ve seen plenty of crashes at that intersection in the past.

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So far this year, Stockton Police told CBS13 that there have been two other hit and runs and eight other collisions in the general area of Oak Street and Airport Way.