By Velena Jones

ANTELOPE (CBS13) — A violent reaction to a restaurant order led to chaos at a Wingstop in Antelope over the weekend.

The wings are supposed to be fiery — not the customers — but cellphone video shows a man wild about wings getting upset over his order. In a video captured by a witness, a man can be heard saying, “I don’t want the food, I don’t have time to wait on the food again, so now what do we do?”

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You can hear an employee tell the man, “It’s either you get the food remade and you go on about your day and stop yelling at my other manager cause that is, no, it’s uncalled for.”

(credit: Tharon Trujillo/TikTok)

Tharon Trujillo, a customer in the store at the time, recorded the man grabbing the register and slamming it to the ground twice before throwing it out the window.

“I was telling him to calm down. I said, ‘you don’t want to go to jail, you don’t want to go to jail,’” said Trujillo

Trujillo said he overheard the man say the restaurant gave him the wrong order twice. When the register went through the window, he says he was surrounded by glass.

“Definitely when I seen it I was kind of shook up a little bit, they [employees] were definitely shook up behind, the ladies behind were definitely shook up, and they were like thank you for staying. It’s definitely not what you see every day,” he said.

The manager of the Wingstop restaurant says the man claimed he was missing several wings and wanted a refund, which she says is not allowed under company policy for online orders.

Regulars at the restaurant who have experienced order issues in the past say they are stunned by the reaction.

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“It’s definitely shocking and overcompensating for five wings. But I understand his anger, definitely not his actions,” said customer Jason Prado.

Jason’s wife, Christina Prado, also shocked by the video, said she feels bad for the employees.

“That is really sad and unfortunate,” she said “I feel bad for society. I think the pandemic is getting to people’s heads.”

Jennifer Johnson, who lives in the area, believes “hangry” or not, the destruction goes too far.

“That’s crazy; I mean wings are important, trust me. I love to eat, but it’s not important,” said Johnson. “I have three children and we go out all the time. Our orders are always messed up, guess what? You embrace it.”

Plywood covers the smashed window.

Witnesses say the man walked out the door and drove away after smashing the window.

The order ordeal is now costing a potentially hefty price tag. The store manager tells CBS13 it cost around $6,000 to replace the computer-operated register and they are still waiting for a quote to fix the window.

Anything over $950 is considered felony vandalism. According to the Sacramento County Sherriff’s Office, the damage qualifies them to issue a felony warrant for the man’s arrest.

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The Wingstop location is in the process of filing a police report for the damage. No injuries were reported.