By Velena Jones

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A West Sacramento business is fed up after they say nearby homeless people have stolen hundreds of their wooden pallets and it claims police are not doing enough to solve the issue.

Kymberlie Corey, manager at Go Getters Delivery, is implementing new safety measures to protect pallets at her job after nearly 200 of the wooden structures have gone missing.

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“I can’t say it’s them for sure but they were sitting out there with stacks of pallets,” she said.

Corey is now storing the pallets in a truck normally used for deliveries. Putting the vehicle out of service is costing the company at least $1,000 a week in lost revenue. The stolen pallets have cost an additional $500 in just two months.

It’s just one of the steps Corey is taking after suspecting suspects homeless living at the end of the street have been stealing from the company’s lot. She says she has witnessed fires and barbecues started at the campsite and even took photos that show a stack of pallets near their campsite.

“It’s stealing from us, it’s stealing from not just me but there are thirteen other people who work here that the revenue goes towards,” Corey explained.

Charred ground and broken pallets were all that’s left at the campsite after police cleared out the area Thursday. Corey said every time police tell the homeless to leave, they come back within a day. She is also concerned with alleged drug activity she’s witnessed happening at the campsite and nearby areas.

Corey said she has called the police every day this week to tell them about the activity but said officers told her they can’t take additional action because it’s a public street.

“[Police say] what you can do is get together with all the businesses on the street and buy the street, then we can pay and have these people towed ourselves,” she said.

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Scott Mcpherson lives in an encampment nearby and said he’s been forced to move before from the area.

“You got some that say ‘Grab what you can and leave,’ ” he explained.

Still, Mcpherson said he understands the concern of businesses in the area.

“I can understand because they have worked hard for what they have business-wise and people go in and destroy it,” he said.

In a statement to CBS13, West Sacramento Police Sgt. Eric Angle said they are investigating the claims.

“We respond to calls for service on a priority basis, but the quality of life of the people who live and work in the community is important to us. These types of issues are taken seriously within our organization and I can ensure you that follow-up will be conducted,” Angle said.

Cory believes after weeks of complaints and concerns, the department is not acting fast enough.

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“I think it’s their responsibility to take care of all of this,” she said. “They are there to protect and serve and that is what we are asking for, protect us and protect our property.”

Velena Jones