By Heather Janssen

RIO LINDA (CBS13) – A Rio Linda community raised concern over a new sign in their neighborhood, but it’s one that was certainly not welcoming.

In her quiet Rio Linda neighborhood, Candace Taylor is used to walking outside to her horses or her neighbor’s goats, but this new sight is a blight in her backyard.

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“It’s not just us – it’s the whole neighborhood,” Taylor said. “It impacts everybody.”

The sign, which was filled with expletives, was removed Thursday afternoon by Sacramento County code enforcement. Though, neighbors say it was up for more than a few days. It could be seen from the street and a nearby church parking lot.

The not-so-friendly sign, CBS13 was told, could have come from a nightmare neighbor. It popped up after neighbors reported suspicious activity on the same vacant property the sign was noticed.

“I don’t care what you have against somebody else, that’s just not right,” said Marianne, another neighbor that lives nearby.

Marianne said she was disgusted by the sight.

“Because of what it says, which are words I won’t say on camera,” she said. “If it wasn’t private property, I would have already knocked it down.”

Sacramento County code enforcement, when asked by CBS13 about the sign, said it was part of a “grey area” between free speech and the county sign ordinance.

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CBS13 wanted to know if this kind of vulgar speech was protected. Jeffrey Kravitz, a first amendment expert, said yes.

“If this was put up by the owner of the property, this would absolutely be considered protected speech,” Kravitz said.

However, this time – it’s not a free speech issue as it was put up on someone else’s property. But it’s still not clear if it violated the county’s sign ordinance in any way.

Regardless, the sign was taken down. Still, Marianne was ecstatic as she watched it be hauled away.

Others, like Taylor, also celebrated, hoping others can learn a lesson from their neighborhood.

“You don’t have to take it,” Taylor said. “It’s better than doing nothing.”

CBS13 was told this community did the right thing by contacting both the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office and code enforcement. That’s who will help determine what you have to live with, and what you don’t.

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Many in Rio Linda, though, were just thankful their familiar serene neighborhood is obscene no more.