By CBS13 Staff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento city officials in a letter on Sunday denounced “wanted” posters and a protest planned for outside City Manager Howard Chan’s home.

The letter criticized the “Sactivists” group, which is accused of circulating the posters with images of Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn and Chan along with font resembling blood. Organizers of the protest are calling for the two men and other city officials to be held accountable in wrongful police killings of Black men.

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A small group of about two dozen people was seen protesting in Chan’s neighborhood on Sunday evening. Sacramento police said the group dispersed at around 10:15 p.m.

City officials said the group planned to bring their campaign of intimidation to the city manager’s home.

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“A small group of people willing to embrace violence to advance their ill-defined agenda cannot be allowed to put our City leaders and their families at risk in their homes. Protest at City Hall, not outside someone’s bedroom,” the letter read.

“These protestors cannot be allowed to appropriate righteous causes like helping those experiencing homelessness or protecting and valuing Black lives. They cannot be allowed to make so much noise that they drown out the voices of love and unity that were crying in the streets of south Sacramento on Saturday,” the letter continued.

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Several city officials, including Mayor Darrell Steinberg, signed the letter.