By Ryan Hill

GALT (CBS13) – Thoughts began to fill the head of Monty Stanley and his employees about what a Galt police officer was doing at a house across from their construction site Wednesday afternoon.

“The only reason we were looking this direction was we were just starting lunch over there and we thought the officer was in pursuit of human being,” Stanley said.

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They would soon find out what was happening after what Stanley said he and others saw.

“Then he came out onto the street and there was a dog running back and forth. He pepper-sprayed the dog. And then the dog started barking at him and he pulled out his gun and he shot [the dog],” Stanley said.

The Galt Police Department told CBS13 that at around 12:25 p.m., there was an animal control call for an aggressive dog on the street.

Stanley said he was told afterward by the officer who fired the shot that the dog had bitten someone. The department said all it can say at this time is that evidence is still being gathered and the investigation is ongoing.

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Stanley said he fears for what could have happened after the shot rang out with people nearby.

“Whatever the bullet goes through, it’s going to deflect and it could’ve come up and killed somebody over here, right?” Stanley said. “I was upset because I have a 2-year-old grandbaby that my wife just brought out for lunch.”

CBS13 tried to speak with the family who lived at the house where Stanley saw the officer. They didn’t want to comment on the situation.

Stanley said that he and his employees are all feeling that this situation could’ve gone a different way.

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“The officer told me he called animal control, right? Well, wait for animal control to come do their job and get their trained duty pole and catch the dog,” Stanley said.