By Marlee Ginter

LODI (CBS13) –  Not everyone can get to a vaccine clinic. For some, it’s physically impossible to stand in line or even leave their house. That’s why a special nurse strike team formed in San Joaquin County. They’re reminding people who may be isolated at home that they’re not forgotten.

Fabiola Manzo has a cooler of vaccines on her shoulder and walking shoes on her feet.

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“They’re the ones that are the most at risk, so they’re the ones that we’re trying to protect the most. So I’m really glad that I can help them be a part of the community,” said Manzo.

The Martins couldn’t be happier for her house call.

“I can’t be out of the house very long. I can’t stand in line. And so it was a blessing when I called the Health Department and they said they’d put together a team to be able to come in home and do it,” said Rhonnie Martin.

Rhonnie has a compromised immune system and is struggling with several medical conditions, including cancer.  Leaving home to get the COVID vaccine wasn’t an option.

“I felt very vulnerable to get COVID and not make it through it,” Rhonnie told CBS13.

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“We think about the underserved. All of our planning is for you,” said Public Health Nurse Jenny Malone.

The Immunization Coordinator for San Joaquin County says they have four strike teams making rounds right to patients’ homes, serving people who can’t get to a vaccine clinic due to age, disability or medical condition.

“We do address the barriers. We do help folks along when they’re struggling and public health nursing allows us to do that,” said Malone.

“I’m just so glad for my wife,” said Chris Martin.

It’s been a hard year, to say the least, for the Martins. These nurses are bringing a sense of hope straight to their home.  They’ll also be visiting skilled nursing facilities.

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They just started making these visits so they have less than 100 patients signed up so far.  But they estimated upwards of 8,000 people needed these visits. They’re working with CAL OES to raise awareness about their effort and to get more people signed up.