By CBS13 Staff

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Police in Roseville are urging shoppers to be vigilant as they investigate an uptick in wallet thefts.

Police say in many of the reports they’ve received in the last two weeks, a team of three suspects work together to distract the victim before grabbing the wallet from a purse in their shopping cart. The thieves then go to a nearby store to buy gift cards, usually before the victim even realizes their wallet is missing.

In most cases, the suspects are targeting elderly women.

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The three most recent cases involve two Hispanic males and one Hispanic female working together, Roseville police say. So far, there have been two thefts reported at Whole Foods, which is at 1001 Galleria Boulevard, and one theft reported at Winco, which is at 1051 Fairway Drive.

The suspects have gone to the Walmart at 900 Pleasant Drive to purchase gift cards, police say.

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Officers encourage shoppers to leave their purses at home if possible and only carry what they need. They also encourage people to shop with a trusted friend and to be aware of who is around them.

If you notice your purse or wallet are missing, immediately notify your bank and the issuer(s) of any credit or debit cards, and call the police.

If you must bring your purse, never leave it unattended in your shopping cart.