By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Neighbors say drugs, fights and flames are plaguing their Sacramento neighborhood.

Homeowners on the 5700 block of Mendocino Boulevard woke up to a homeless camp on fire around 6 a.m. Friday morning. It’s just the latest in a never-ending series of homeless problems they say are plaguing the community.

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“It’s bad here,” explained neighbor Janette Scharbrough. “It’s all the time, it’s not only one thing during the day, it’s 24/7.”

Tears of frustration ran down Scharbrough’s face Friday after she woke up to flames shooting into the sky across the street from her house. It’s the fourth fire that’s sparked since buying her home on Mendocino boulevard in August. Scharbrough claims the homeless hangout brings break-ins, drugs and fights. She says calling Sacramento County officials, the fire department and law enforcement hasn’t helped.

“We bought the house eight months ago and we are already talking about moving and my husband grew up here,” she said.

A vacant area between two homes is an entryway to Fruitridge Community Park. A woman who lives in one of those homes did not want to be identified but said she had to hose down the fire until emergency crews arrived.

“I was asleep and I heard what sounded like an explosion,” she explained, “I’m constantly in fear of my house catching on fire.”

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The woman says she has called authorities multiple times but has not received any information on long-term solutions.

“I was frustrated that this could have been prevented. We all as a neighborhood have reported multiple times that this camp and the multiple camps that are in this neighborhood are out of control,” she explained.

Gabe Doria lives on a nearby street and has experienced the same problems, but found success in working with county government in clearing at least five encampments. Doria is now trying to help his neighbors do the same by connecting them with leaders within the county.

“I’ve worked with the sheriff, the county supervisors, both of them, Serna and Kennedy. They have actually helped and we cleaned up, I’m talking tons, tons of homeless encampments,” Doria said.

Neighbors worry as piles and tents continue stacking up, their pleas for help are going unheard.

“We feel like we are trapped and not being heard and we are living in a certain environment that is not safe,” said Scharbrough.

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CBS13 reached out to the county but were unable to reach the appropriate individuals. When we heard back, staff was not immediately available to respond to a request for comment.

Velena Jones