By Heather Janssen

STOCKTON (CBS13) – It was a dream come true for a Stockton 6-year-old, delivering packages to his local community. Mateo’s Make-a-Wish request had to be put on hold because of the pandemic. When it finally came to fruition on Thursday, the community delivered.

Mateo arrived in luxury as he pulled up with his family in a limo, and stepped out surrounded by support.

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“Really exciting,” he said, when he had a moment to collect his thoughts.

The day was especially exciting because his dream of being a UPS delivery driver came true. He received his own truck decked out with decals, and boxes ready for distribution.

“The truck is a reality,” Mateo’s mom, Cynthia Toscano said. “He’s delivering stuff.”

A quick crash course led by the Stockton Police Department, and Mateo received his driver’s license for the day. Mateo has loved the mailman and delivery drivers since he was very little, and always wanted to be one.

Mateo has battled leukemia since 2017, and the pandemic put his wish on hold. Finally seeing it happen was pure joy for Toscano.

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“It’s a nice conclusion to his journey,” she said.

Mateo’s mission for the day was to deliver plenty of packages downtown. That included multiple stops. One being City Hall, where he sat in the council chambers with Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln.

“He’s an inspiration for everyone in general,” Lincoln said. “There’s hope and your dreams do come true.”

Mayor Lincoln dedicated the day to Mateo, and proclaimed it #MateoDeliversHope Day. Mateo was happy to be a part of doing what he loves most, sharing smiles with each box.

“I like to unwrap them and see what’s inside,” Mateo said.

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Mateo’s shift ended with an extra special delivery with flowers to his mom and grandma, just in time for Mother’s Day.