By Anna Giles

TURLOCK (CBS 13) — Mobbed and vandalized on the job, disturbing video shows Turlock firefighters surrounded by a crowd that jumps onto their truck and starts ripping off fire gear.

Thankfully, the first responders made it out OK.

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Neighbors in the area told CBS13 the firefighters were attacked during a massive sideshow near the intersection of Berkeley and Montevista avenues. Some of them said this is a routine problem that is getting out of control.

Cellphone video shows a Turlock fire truck, with its lights flashing slowly, trying to move through a crowd. Multiple people start to jump on the truck as the crowd laughs and cheers. They managed to pull off at least one fire hose.

This all happened in the middle of a large intersection. The firefighters involved were able to get their fire hose back.

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A spokesperson for the Turlock Fire Department said the fire engine that was vandalized is already back up and running, responding to calls less than 24 hours later.

Police said massive sideshows tend to become a more frequent problem as the weather gets warmer.

The Turlock fire truck was mobbed in an area that’s full of tire tracks and burnout marks.

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Turlock Police are investigating this incident, but have not made any comment about what happened or if there have been any arrests.