By Laura Haefeli

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Three years of work are now being called into question after Officer Alexa Palubicki of the Sacramento Police Department was arrested for allegedly filing false police reports.

“That is not keeping with the standards of this department,” said Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

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The police department is working with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, which said it has dismissed every case Officer Palubicki played a material role in.

“If there’s no trustworthiness prosecutors can’t rely on them,” said Alana Mathews, former deputy district attorney and current candidate for the office.

Mathews said it’s likely the officer was placed on a Brady list, a database that tracks police who lack credibility.

“The DA’s office would then search to see which cases the officers have been involved with and presumptively all of those cases would be dismissed, as they should be,” Mathews said.

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Mathews said the officer’s potential damage casts a wide net, causing cases to be thrown out and putting victims in danger.

“If there has been misconduct, you want to notify the person who was arrested, you want to notify the victims,” Mathews said. “If there’s still someone out at large, who committed a crime, who’s been overlooked, you want to address that as well.”

Allegra Taylor with Sacramento Village Advocates said Palubicki undermines the criminal justice system and hurts the people who rely on it.

“Lives have probably been altered as a result of what this police officer has done,” Taylor said.

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CBS13 did reach out to the district attorney’s office for more information but they would not comment on an ongoing investigation. Though they say they will be reviewing past cases the officer was involved in that resulted in a conviction.