By Marlee Ginter

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The aftermath of a paintball hit can be breathtaking with bruises and broken skin. After a few quiet days, more random drive-by paintball attacks are being reported in Sacramento.

Yvonne Ugarte sees a crowd at Lawrence Park in South Sacramento and she worries. Ugarte was hit in a drive-by paintball attack just around the corner.

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“I was mad and I can’t say it on TV but I was really upset and then I started thinking about other people,” Ugarte told CBS13.

She’s not the only one.

“We just saw how bad my lip was and tried to get some towels and stuff to stop the bleeding,” said Edson So.

So, also recently attacked in South Sacramento, showed CBS13 his busted lip and bruises on his neck and chest from paintballs.

“When he hit me, he hit my lip so I just ducked to the ground and it was bleeding,” said So. “It was mainly burning and stinging.”

Ugarte contacted CBS13 after seeing So’s injuries. She’s fed up with the attacks.

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“Some were hit in Tahoe Park. My cousin, she had a couple of neighbors, they were hit in their yards. People driving by and shooting them,” said Ugarte.

That’s why Ugarte wants her story told. She wants the suspects caught. Sacramento police say they had six reports of paintball attacks in just four days last week and now they’ve had more this week.

“It’s really scary, and I wish a lot of people would come forward with it more so something can be done because someone is gonna get seriously hurt in the eye or something. Something bad,” said Ugarte.

“I don’t want anybody else getting hurt. If they get shot in the eye they could get hurt pretty bad, They might even lose their vision, who knows?” said So.

They’re upset and speaking out, hoping no one else gets caught in the crossfire.

“What they’re doing is dangerous and I don’t think they realize how dangerous it is. They really need to chill out, they really do,” said Ugarte.

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In several of the cases, the suspects were seen shooting out the window and sunroof of a dark-colored sedan. But it appears there’s more than one group participating. Ugarte hopes witnesses will come forward with more information so police can track them down.