By Marlee Ginter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Adults were first in line for the COVID vaccine, but the next shot in the arm could be for your child. UC Davis Health is launching a COVID vaccine trial for children ages 12 to 17, but the idea prompted some mixed reactions.

“We’re being used as guinea pigs as it is. We don’t know long-term effects. We don’t know where we’re going to see ourselves in the future with this shot that we already received,” said parent Alan Radtke.

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“Our kids are too young. This is a shot that’s too new. I wouldn’t. As an adult, our body immune system is much stronger,” said parent Mai Xiong.

Parent Alan Taylor is a little more open to the idea saying, “Anything to get us as close to back to normal as possible.”

UC Davis Health hopes to have 100 kids sign up to participate. The trial uses the Novavax Vaccine. Children give a blood sample and are then monitored for 30 minutes after they get their first shot. They then come back three weeks later for the second shot.

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“Those who are most vulnerable are those who are not vaccinated, so that includes children,” said Dr. Dean Blumberg.

The chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, Dr. Dean Blumberg, will lead the pediatric portion of the study.

Dr. Blumberg says children now account for more than 20% of cases. While adults have felt the brunt of the virus, Dr. Blumberg points out thousands of children have been hospitalized and hundreds have died from COVID. Dr. Blumberg says while parents may hesitate about a vaccine for children, the trial is critical.

“All of the studies so far with the COVID vaccine have found an excellent immune response in the younger age groups compared to older age groups and have very similar safety profiles in the younger age group compared to the older age group.

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Neither participants nor researchers will know if they’re receiving the vaccine or a placebo. Participants will receive compensation. To sign up, visit the study’s website.