By Marlee Ginter

FOLSOM (CBS13) – There’s a kiddie kitchen, a sandbox and climbing toys in the Jones’ backyard, but right in the middle of all the baby toys, Debbie Jones found a massive arrow.

Kevin and Debbie spend a lot of time in their backyard. So they set up the perfect little area for their 19-month-old granddaughter to play right beside them. You can imagine their horror when they went to clean up after her and found an arrow sticking out of her little art easel.

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“I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, my granddaughter was just here,’ ” Debbie told CBS13.

“It’s scary. She could’ve easily been standing there,” said her husband, Kevin.

It was sharp enough to pierce straight through a thick grease board.

“I mean, it could have killed her. It could have killed her. I can’t even speak it. I really can’t,” said Debbie.

The Joneses got so upset they called Folsom police and even left town for the weekend to decompress.

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“Just terrified me. So we thought we got to think about what to do, how to handle this. Should we move her play area to the other side of the house. Is it going to happen again? We just don’t know,” said Debbie. “Don’t shoot arrows in your backyard. Go to a shooting range, do something.”

“There’s a scenario here where this could be really bad and nobody wants that. They don’t want that. Nobody shooting an arrow in their backyard wants to hit a kid with it,” said Kevin.

The Joneses are sure it was just an accident, but they want the person who shot it to know what happened and be smarter about where they take aim next time.

“We just want somebody to know if they’re missing an arrow, they need to worry about where it went,” said Kevin.

“Surely people who do this know.  This is a $72 arrow.  It was marked. you know this is dangerous. don’t do it,” said Debbie.

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Debbie says Folsom police told her shooting arrows in your own yard is legal and considering it didn’t hurt anyone, a report wasn’t filed.