By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The state of California is keeping the mask on. Despite the new CDC guidelines, the state won’t lift its mask mandate until June 15.

Some Northern California business owners say they’re coming up with a game plan amid the confusion. The state says it needs four weeks to lay out its new mask guidelines, but experts say that’s four weeks too long.

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For diners in downtown Sacramento, masking has become second nature. But some say they’re ready to let them go for good.

“I haven’t liked them since the beginning,” said Vince.

Others say they feel less safe without one.

“I’m feeling really excited, but also a little anxious because if I’m not wearing it, I don’t want people to think I’m anti-science,” said Julie.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, the State Health and Human Services Director says there will be no change in the mask policy in California until June 15, even though the CDC lifted it last week.

Dr. Ghaly says the state isn’t challenging the science or the CDC’s direction on the policy but says the wait is meant to buy the state time to sort out more details on implementing the guidance.

“The state is continuing to being overly cautious,” said Infectious Disease expert Dr. Jeffrey Klausner with USC.

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Klausner says it’s bad policy to make counties and their respective businesses wait to drop the mask mandate.

“It’s really inexcusable that it should take the state of California, one of the wealthiest economies in the country, nearly a month to come up with fairly simple guidelines,” said Dr. Klausner.

California is at its lowest level since the beginning of the epidemic and has high rates of community immunity.

So for now, some say they’ll be following the signs at businesses.

“Everywhere you go there’s a sign now,” said Vince.

And waiting to get rid of their masks for good.

“I can’t wait to burn mine,” said Vince.

Some businesses are already making plans to ensure safety.

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Marissa Perlman