By Steve Large

LINCOLN (CBS13) – It’s a Sun City controversy.

A Lincoln 55-and-up community is proposing a ban on electric bikes on their trails. That has residents with mobility issues seeking to put the brakes on the ban before it goes into effect.

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Seventy-four-year-old Sandy Olsen lives in the Sun City Lincoln Hills community and loves her recumbent electric bike.

“This is the only true way I can go a distance,” Olsen said.

At $10,000, it’s pricey, but the freedom it gives her is priceless.

“For me in particular it’s so personal,” Olsen said.

Olsen can’t ride traditional bikes after she fell and damaged her spine. Now she is leading a battle against a proposal at the Sun City Lincoln Hills community to ban electric-assist bikes on trails in the community.

The proposal is part of the HOA’s “rules governing outdoor areas.”

It reads:

“Only low-impact uses of walking, jogging, and non-motorized bicycling are permitted. No motorized vehicles of any type including electric bicycles are permitted.”

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The proposal comes from concern during the pandemic that more residents were using the trails, leading to more conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians.

Linna and Michael Abbott live in Sun City Lincoln Hills and are also opposed to the proposed ban.

“Well, I just don’t understand it,” Linna said.

“It’s a solution in search of a problem if you ask me,” Michael said.

The Abbotts own e-bikes and use the trails there. They say any safety concerns should be focused on automobiles.

“What’s the scariest thing about living in Sun City? A four-way intersection,” Michael said.

It’s a battle over e-bikes in a community for seniors seeking a little extra push on their pedals.

“The whole solution is, please can we get along,” Olsen said.

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An HOA committee is discussing this issue tomorrow. A full board vote is expected sometime next month.