By Ryan Hill

AUBURN (CBS13) – It may look like a typical storefront in downtown Auburn, but it isn’t.

The business brainstorm is coming to life from the partnership of Paulo Medina, the owner of The Aid Station Trails and Ales, and Jodie Wood, the owner of Wood Works Fitness.

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“To create one single unit where not only where you can meet your friends and socialize while drinking a beer. But you can also get the latest running gear. But also, you can also sign up for personal group classes within her fitness boutique,” Medina said.

The two are sharing the space of the building on Lincoln Way.

So, theoretically, you could get a workout with Wood at her gym, then window shop and wet your whistle at Medina’s running gear store with a beer bar at the same time.

The mindset is two businesses under one roof are better than one.

“Sharing the space, you only have to deal with half of the cost. It just kind of allowed us to collaborate together to make it easier on me, a little easier on him. And then hopefully beneficially better for both of us to cross over,” Wood said.

The goal is also to help create a unique space and support a culture for those in a healthy fitness lifestyle that’s welcome to anyone who walks through the door.

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The collaboration also makes surviving the pandemic, which Medina said he was hit hard by, easier as we come out of it.

“It allows us to support one another. Two minds are better than one, right? Four arms are better than two,” Medina said. “So, between the two of us, I think we have a brighter future than just by ourselves.”

Medina is still waiting for his alcohol license to transfer to the new location and hopes to be there in July.

The pandemic is a time where businesses had to get creative to make it.

And, some are still making changes to do more than just make ends meet.

“I think COVID has absolutely opened maybe the push for that. Maybe the need to think about things outside of the box,” Wood said.

Medina says that his business will still be a running store that has a beer bar in it, not the other way around.

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It’ll have traditional retail hours so, you won’t be having a cold one into the wee hours of the night there.