By Laura Haefeli

TRUCKEE (CBS13) – Mother Nature surprised travelers on Friday with mid-May snowfall in the Sierra.

“At one point, it could be really sunny, and then all of a sudden, it could start raining and then all of a sudden there’s a lot of snow and hail,” said Angela DaPrato, with Caltrans.

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Locals have a saying for the unpredictable winter weather.

“In Tahoe, we have an expression we say ‘if you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes,'” says Robin, a Truckee resident.

Friday afternoon was a perfect example. In the Sierra, it was sunny one second and snowing the next.

“This is a beautiful place — beautiful weather,” said Eric Acheff, an avid camper who was back in town Friday after two weeks in the wilderness. “I was not expecting snow.”

Acheff came prepared from head to toe.

“Layers, wool, down,” he said.

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The storm wasn’t a complete surprise to diners in Truckee.

“Mother Nature, she’s crazy, so she can change at any given moment,” said Hannah Tinley, who enjoys outdoor dining in the snow but not so much driving in it. “Take it slow; you don’t have to be a speed demon. Just take it slow if it starts raining pull over.”

That’s a lesson she says she learned the hard way.

“It took two car accidents in the snow to really get the hang of everything,” said Tinley.

Caltrans says they’re keeping an eye on the forecast and have a reminder for drivers.

“Whether it’s the winter fall or spring or summer we always encourage motorists to carry chains,” said DaPrato.

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Caltrans is encouraging drivers to take it slow, carry chains, and know how to put them on themselves.