By Steve Large

WOODLAND (CBS13) – A wild shooting in Woodland forced people in several neighborhoods to take cover.

What started as a drive-by shooting into a home, turned into a car chase, car-to-car shooting, and crash before cops tracked down three suspects —including a 14-year-old boy.

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An 18-year-old witness was in her driveway with her little cousin when they both had to duck and cover from bullets flying through her street.

“And we heard at least 15 shots maybe,” she said. “My heart was just pounding, so much and it was scary.”

They hid behind a car and escaped the shooting unharmed.

Bullet holes show where the gunfire started, blocks away.

A drive-by shooting into a home on Beamer street left one man inside grazed by a bullet. Someone else in the home then got into a truck to chase the gunmen, ramming their vehicle, while taking on more gunshots.

The front end of the truck shows damage from the collision.

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The crash forced the gunmen to run. They were eventually found hiding in another neighborhood, behind a backyard fence. Woodland police posted pictures of the weapons recovered and say these are only a small fraction of guns taken off the Woodland streets in recent months.

The Woodland Police Gang Task Force is investigating this weekend’s shooting.

Malorie Farley also heard the gunshots from her home. She grew up in Woodland and worries it’s becoming too dangerous.

“It was just, it was awful,” Farley said. “Anybody that knows Woodland it’s a little farm town, it’s a little small town that we grow tomatoes and we grow sunflowers and that’s what’s big around here, so it’s a little scary that a Gang Task Force is here.”

Bullets riddling a home.

Families forced to take cover, during this wild ride in Woodland.

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Woodland police arrested three people for this shooting. They are all facing attempted murder charges – with the youngest under arrest is just 14 years old.