SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento Police Officers Association, or SPOA, is calling on city leaders for help, saying overtime is through the roof and crime is out of control.

They’re talking about needing millions of dollars more a year in order to get enough officers on the streets. The way things are now, SPOA president Tim Davis says they’re spending $15 million a year in overtime.

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“They’re exhausted.  They’re working overtime.  They’re working mandatory shifts and they need some relief.  And we’re calling on the City Council to do that,” Davis told CBS13.

With already 21 homicides this year, the city is on track to see a 60% increase in homicides over the next two years, Davis says. But a coalition of local leaders recently rallied, demanding the money go elsewhere.

“This is the year that it’s time to make a choice to invest,” said Councilmember Katie Valenzuela.

Valenzuela and other community leaders want added money to go to things like youth programs and emergency housing assistance, with less money going to law enforcement.

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“Which is why I’m proud to join [the] people’s budget to call for at least a $30.5 million reduction in the proposed police spending,” Valenzuela said at a rally earlier this month.

Meantime, Davis says in order to keep the community safe, they’d need a $36 million increase to what’s being proposed right now.

“The real issue here is we’re not seeing more officers on the street.  Our crime in Sacramento is out of control,” said Davis.

Officers understand $36 million is a lot to ask for right now.  Davis says they’re asking for a steady increase over the next four years, including $10 million more on top of what’s being budgeted right now and 50 more officers on the streets.

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The council is set to discuss it Tuesday and then vote on the budget on June 15.