By Velena Jones

MODESTO (CBS13) – A man is in custody after a road rage incident involving illegal fireworks in Modesto resulted in multiple gunshots fired Tuesday night, police said.

Adam Iniguez, 27 (credit: Modesto Police Department)

Adam Ismael Iniguez, 27, was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail on two counts of child endangerment, discharging a firearm from a vehicle, willfully and maliciously discharging a firearm and carrying a loaded firearm while not the registered owner. His is being held on $185,000 bail, according to the Modesto Police Department.

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Just after 7 p.m., Iniguez was driving a Honda following behind an Acura SUV – which was driven by a man and had a woman and two young children inside – along northbound Carpenter Road near Maze Boulevard.

Modesto police said the driver of the Acura tapped his brakes, which angered Iniguez, who then drove up alongside the Acura and threw a lit firework at it.

Both vehicles reached a red light at Carpenter and Kansas Avenue, and Iniguez allegedly exited his vehicle to confront the Acura driver, who police said reported seeing a young child in the back of Iniguez’s vehicle.

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“It’s just pretty dumb, especially when there’s kids involved,” said Rosa Duran, who works nearby.

Once the light turned green, the Acura followed Iniguez to Elm Avenue, where Iniguez got out and went inside a residence, police said. The Acura then took off toward Emerald Avenue, but soon noticed that Iniguez was quickly approaching from behind.

Modesto police said Iniguez drove past the Acura, held a gun outside the window and fired several shots into the air. Iniguez then allegedly turned around and fired more shots into the air. No one was hit by gunfire.

“It’s not worth it,” Duran said. ” You can end up in jail, you can end up dead or anybody else could end up hurt.”

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The driver of the Acura reported the shooting to police and told them what house they saw Iniguez previously walk into. Officers arrested Iniguez after finding a gun that matched the shell casings found in the roadway. Dozens of illegal fireworks were also found.

Velena Jones