By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A large tree limb that fell Thursday morning didn’t just knock out power to dozens of people in Midtown Sacramento.

“That’s my baby, she’s not doing so great. She’s had better days,” said Jenna Von Esmarch.

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Von Esmarch had a rude awakening Thursday morning.

“I heard a big crash and the power went out,” she said.

Jenna then walked outside her Midtown apartment and saw her Mercedes crushed by a large tree limb.

“I’m officially a downtown resident now – now that my car has been crushed,” Von Esmarch joked.

The limb also took out power lines and electricity to about 200 SMUD customers.

“I woke up and said, ‘Who turned off my fan?” Lena Gordon said.

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Traffic was blocked on 29th Street while crews worked to remove the limb.

Experts say more tree limbs drop in the summer – and the drought isn’t helping.

“The limbs are over-weighted and growing more, so they are getting further stretched out and accepting more water – which adds weight to the limbs,” said tree trimmer Joe Franklin.

Franklin owns All Green Tree Service. He says trees are not inspected as much as they should be, and when they are it’s often hard to do so from the ground.

“That’s when we start to look at bad crotches, weak spots, any kind of big wounds that might be affecting growth higher in the tree,” Franklin said.

Old trees can be saved and trimmed in a way that’s healthy for the tree, there are just techniques and times of year that are better. It costs money, but so does damage to vehicles

“So now we wait. This is why we have insurance,” said Jenna.

Von Esmarch’s car is likely totaled.

“I was going to ride it into the ground. I was going to spend my money on a lot of other things,” she said.

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SMUD initially said power would be restored by 1 p.m. Thursday, but Von Esmarch said she was told they might have to wait until 4 p.m.