By Laura Haefeli

VACAVILLE (CBS13) – A prowler in Vacaville was caught on a surveillance camera Monday morning and now neighbors are on high alert.

(credit: Vacaville Police Department)

A neighbor named Monica said her home Ring camera caught the suspect lurking in her front yard on Monday, peering through her window, slumping to the ground, and then crawling away.

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“I’m absolutely not happy he walked up and I feel violated. I haven’t been sleeping at all,” she said.

Monica didn’t feel comfortable sharing her last name. She said she called Vacaville police immediately.

“Being down the street from the police department is very beneficial,” she said.

But even with cops on the case, she’s not taking any chances.

“He did pick the wrong house to come to. I’ve armed my house more, cameras. I’m not messing around,” Monica said.

Vacaville Police Sgt. Mike Miller said he’s seen criminals on camera before, but behavior like this, he doesn’t see often.

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“It’s clear he doesn’t belong there. It’s concerning because it looks like he’s trying to remain hidden from anyone inside. Kind of peering, lurking into this residence,” Miller said.

The Vacaville Police Department is asking for the community’s help in finding the suspect.

“Vacaville is a city of 100,000 people. Right now, there’s eight police officers working. We need the eyes of the public. Giving us these videos expands our ability to take care of our community we live in,” Miller said.

Miller said with clear video, it’s only a matter of time before the suspect is in custody.

“This is the thing surveillance cameras were made for. Catching very concerning weird behavior,” he said.

Vacaville police are asking anyone who recognizes the person in the video to come forward.

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Again, they believe this suspect has targeted several homes and they want to stop him before it gets worse.