By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A steamy start to the weekend came on California’s first Friday since fully reopening the economy.

The heat wasn’t stopping people from hitting the town. Instead, scorching sun and heavy heat were drawing people to the water.

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“You got to do what you got to do to stay cool. At least we are under the shade here, otherwise, I would have to jump in the river,” said Jeremy Miller.

Friday marks the third day of triple-digit temperatures in the valley. The heat prompted Ruvy Veridiano and her family to take a cruise with City Cruises in Old Sacramento.

“It’s pretty scalding, it’s a little bit of a shock. You go outside and you feel like you’re going into an oven,” she explained. “I figured since we were going to be on the water, it would be a nice breeze.”

From the river to R Street, Friday festivities focused on looking for ways to stay cool while still having a night out on the town. Peter Kalvins and his friends spent time inside Shady Lady Saloon.

“The heat is unbearable, but I’m happy to be back inside. I can’t complain. Air conditioning is my best friend right now,” Kalvins said.

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Outdoor table tops in midtown were nearly empty with customers packing into restaurants and bars.

“My first thought was, ‘Hey, do I have a mask in my pocket?’ I said ‘No, that’s in the past now,’” Kalvins explained.

The heat brought most people inside forcing Eliza Carpio to settle for sitting in the sun. Carpio swapped air-conditioning for misters set up outside Burgers and Brew.

“It’s really weird, I’m still not used to it,” she explained. “Pretty much everyone is inside, they are trying to eat, they are trying to drink.”

That Friday feeling brought a familiar taste of normalcy that’s been missing.

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“It feels good to have a normal weekend, having everyone come together, 100 percent capacity,” Kalvins said.