By Anna Giles

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A worker at a restaurant and wine bar in Roseville was gunned down on the job.

CBS13’s Anna Giles talked with a co-worker who described the terrifying ordeal.

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It was tragedy and terror inside a popular wine bar. Roseville Police said a man opened fire at a local restaurant during lunch hour, sending a victim to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Employees at House of Oliver said the shooting happened around 3:20 p.m,. inside the restaurant, as they were preparing for the dinner rush. They were told to run for their lives.

People across the street saw the commotion

“I was terrified,” said Ashley Candler. “We were pumping gas and we were all hanging out then all of the sudden there’s 15 people running as fast as they could and they told us, ‘run!’”

On scene, police said they discovered one victim with life-threatening injuries. They said the suspect had left, sparking a manhunt.

“It was really, really quick. There wasn’t a standoff, there wasn’t anything,” said Trevor Christopher, a House of Oliver employee.

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Christopher said the victim was a beloved coworker. He was working in the kitchen, blind to the chaos going on upfront until his manager warned him.

“We heard him come running back through that there was a shooter in the building and we all ran out through the other side of the restaurant to the Safeway gas station,” he said.

At this point, there were only a few customers in the restaurant. One of them was Jodi Buda.

“Nowhere in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’m going out on summer break for a luncheon and having it happen like that,” Buda said.

Roseville police have not identified the shooting victim or given an update not their condition. But they said the man they have in custody is the only person of interest in the case and the community is not in danger.

Coworkers like Trevor Christopher dread the days ahead.

“What’s going through my head right now is what it’s going to be like when we go back in however many days or weeks it takes for the restaurant to open again,” he said.

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Police say that given the time of day this happened, and how many people were present, an incident like this is extremely rare.