By Steve Large

DAVIS (CBS13) – Controversy is brewing over a child’s ride at a Davis park. A zip line track installed by the city of Davis at Arroyo Park now has some neighbors complaining of non-stop noise.

It is a zip line ride that may give children glee, but the zip line gives zero glee to neighbor Joe Krovoza.

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Krovoza’s home backs up to the ride he says he can hear through his walls and windows.

“It is a percussive, continual, industrial sound that we hear in every room of our house,” Krovoza said.

Krovoza blames the city of Davis for putting the ride up without properly notifying neighbors. He wants it placed somewhere else where children can enjoy it farther from his fence line.

“Some people have bought into the narrative that we don’t like children playing and that’s just not true, at all,” Krovoza said. “We do want to find a solution where everyone can get along.”

The city of Davis has agreed to lock up the ride during the night because of noise complaints.

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There are neighbors who say the sounds don’t travel to their homes.

“I mean, really, it’s almost silent,” Kim Elsbach said. “So I don’t know, I don’t really know what it’s all about.”

For Krovoza, it is a noise leaving him in a fight with city hall.

“We shouldn’t be asked to live next to this where we can hear it 6, 8, 10 hours a day for the next 15 years of our lives,” Krovosa said.

In this Davis neighborhood, a zip line is turning into a dividing line.

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Krovoza is a former mayor of Davis. As of now know the city has no plans on removing the zip line track.