By Heather Janssen

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Bullets blazed through a West Sacramento family’s apartment on Wednesday night, and it left the community on edge.

West Sacramento Police investigated the incident and found bullet casings left behind.

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Adam Ghimenti, who lives in the home with his mom and step-dad, streamed the aftermath live on Facebook moments after it happened. He said it started shortly after he remembers noticing an unfamiliar car parked out front.

“I realized something wasn’t right,” said Ghimenti.

In the video, he walked people through each spot and he believes more than a dozen bullets hit.

“You see the debris right here and right here on the door,” he said in the video and later expressed his frustration live.

“This is getting ridiculous,” he said.

He relived the experience with CBS13 on Thursday to show us what happened.

“I was sitting in the bathroom right here when I heard the shooting going on,” Ghimenti said. “It went through the window and through the curtains.”

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West Sacramento police say only Ghimenti’s home was hit, but other community members are still concerned. Jacob Nivens was shocked to see the damage in the daylight. As a neighbor living close by, he worries about this kind of violence.

“Right when I thought things were getting a little better on this street, something like this comes out,” Nivens said, especially concerned about the children in the area. “To not even have that in consideration and do something like this, it’s wrong.”

He hopes, now, something changes, saying, “I wish it would stop, honestly.”

Meanwhile, no suspect and few leads have left Ghimenti still rattled about it all.

“That’s how I feel – unsafe around here,” Ghimenti said.

He believes the shooting was random, but with shots fired right at his home – he can’t help but feel targeted. Ghimenti has a message for the person behind the shooting.

“Whoever you are, shooting and targeting my family, turn yourself in,” he said. “Turn yourself in.”

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Anyone with information is asked to contact West Sacramento police.