By Marissa Perlman

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — South Lake Tahoe Police are putting out the warning that someone could be drugging drinks – with at least a few people ending up in the hospital.

The investigation into whether a group of people got drugged is ongoing.

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“I had my experience and I haven’t been out to big cities since,” said Krista King.

The news is especially traumatic for King, who was visiting from Seattle. She was roofied on a date night with her husband.

“It was my only drink and twenty minutes later, I’m blacked out and in [an] ambulance,” she said.

King is now warning other women to watch out.

“It’s pretty traumatic,” King said. “I’m lucky enough that a gal found me in the bathroom stall and then found my husband.”

For Marquis Brand from Sacramento, who was out celebrating his 35th birthday along the lake, his mom wants him and his friends to be careful.

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“My mom just sent me a text message that says, “Babe, just saw on the news there’s a rash of people putting drugs in drinks in South Lake Tahoe, I think bars and casinos,'” he said.

Brand’s mom warned him to not leave drinks unattended as they’re celebrating. While he and his friends won’t be spending time at area bars this weekend, Brand said they’ll still be cautious.

“With this, we’ll be grabbing bottled waters or something,” he said.

It’s a scary warning ahead of a busy weekend.

A group of women celebrating a bachelorette say now they’ll be sticking together to stay safe.

“We will probably just order drinks for each other, be more alert, don’t let anyone near our drinks,” they said.

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Those possible victims are getting blood tests to confirm what happened.

Marissa Perlman