By Anna Giles

TRACY (CBS 13) — It’s a high-cost battle against a big bird nuisance.

City of Tracy Animal Services says they seeing a surge in calls about peacocks in the area – but they want neighbors to try and scare them off on their own because the cost of relocating them can be in the thousands.

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Some people think the birds are a nuisance, but others think they’re a beautiful part of her community.

“I would love to see a peacock. I think that would be really neat,” said Tracy resident Susan Magana.

Animal services want people to deter the animals from nesting and mating in their yards because moving peacocks can cost up to $30,000, depending on how many there are.

“That’s a lot of money,” said Meghan Burke, another Tracy resident.

CBS13 asked Tracy city leaders about it but they didn’t have an answer for us in time for this story.

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A Sacramento-area wildlife expert said peacocks are extremely hard to relocate simply because no one wants them near their property 24/7.

The problem has gotten so bad in the Folsom area that rescuers said some people dump the birds over the fence at the zoo.

“They’re just roaming around, you hear them and they have a certain call or whatever,” Burke said.

Burke’s spotted peacocks in Tracy before but says it’s never been an issue for her.

City leaders posted several tips for deterrence on social media, including that homeowners could install motion-activated sprinklers, remove outdoor food sources, and scatter red pepper flakes wherever peacocks may be inclined to dig.

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“I can see how it may be problematic for some people. And maybe I don’t have a peacock in my house and would be a little bothered, but I’m an animal lover,” Magana said.