By Kurtis Ming

TRUCKEE (CBS13) — More online companies are popping up that offer delivering cars right to your door.

But the Better Business Bureau says others also complaining the company VROOM delivered a different car.

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“It’s a nice car. We like the car,”  said Kate Spurry.

The Truckee mom bought the 2017 Audi Q7 with a roof rack for $30,480. The website lets you pick a car from a photo gallery and delivers it to your house.

A company commercial wraps up with the line “That was painless.” But Kate says her Audi arrived in late February dirty with nearly bald tires and no roof rack. She later put one on herself.

“I contacted VROOM within 10 minutes of it being in my driveway and that really just started a crazy train that hasn’t stopped,” Spurry said.

Kate says VROOM reimbursed for the tires and detailing in March. But she says despite agreeing to cover the roof rack, they didn’t. She says she then found other flaws, including the trim she says was super-glued to the bumper, a cracked speaker – and, looking at the picture from the original ad, she came to a realization.

“The picture is not the same car we have in our driveway. There’s no doubt about that,” Spurry said.

Pictures of each car show the front turn signal lights are in different places.

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Kate regretted buying the car.

“I’d like to erase it all. They can take the car back and let me out of my loan,” Spurry said.

We’ve learned the Better Business Bureau revoked VROOM’s accreditation after receiving 866 complaints, including some saying the “vehicles they purchased from photos was not the vehicle they received” or had “body damage, interior was dirty, discolored or damaged.”

VROOM would not respond specifically to those complaints.

“Servicing our customers has always been and remains Vroom’s top priority. We regret that some of our customers have experienced issues and, like any reputable business, we work diligently to resolve those issues and ensure our customers’ satisfaction. As a national online auto retailer that is growing quickly, and continuing to serve thousands of customers per week, we face unique challenges that most industry organizations are not yet familiar with. At the time our accreditation was revoked, we were in constant contact  with the Houston chapter of the Better Business Bureau (the local organization that held our accreditation), provided all the materials they requested, and repeatedly asked for a live meeting, as we would have welcomed an opportunity to speak with them to resolve their concerns. Vroom has and will continue to respond promptly to all customer complaints, regardless of accreditation status, to ensure that our customers are satisfied,” VROOM wrote in a statement.

In Kate’s case, VROOM tells us “The different photos likely resulted from a mix-up when the VROOM team was comparing a few similar vehicles for this customer.”

After we got involved, she says VROOM sent her a check for the roof rack and to cover an inspection and agreed to either buy back the car or cover the cost of the other flaws she found, – including the cracked speaker and the bumper.

“Our customer service team is in close touch with the customers daily and they confirmed yesterday afternoon that they intend to keep the car, if the issues are resolved to their satisfaction, which we’re working on. If the customers change their minds, we’re ready to assist with processing the return, to ensure they’re satisfied,” VROOM wrote in a statement.

Kate chose to keep the car, but says VROOM shouldn’t expect a returning customer.

“I don’t like going to dealerships but I will no longer buy a car online,” Spurry said.

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The VIN and model year matched the car she received. VROOM does give you seven days to return a car, but you won’t get your $699.00 delivery fee back – and they may charge another $599.00 restocking fee. Remember to not sign for anything delivered until you examine everything – whether it’s a couch, a fridge, or a car. Signing often acknowledges you received it in acceptable condition.