By Laura Haefeli

PARADISE (CBS13) – The Dixie Fire is exploding in Butte County just miles away from the town of Paradise, which was devastated by the Camp Fire in 2018.

Camp Fire survivors said they still get anxious when nearby wildfires ignite.

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“Camp Fire, so many of us escaped basically with our lives,” said Tom Adams.

He admits not enough time has passed to forget those awful memories.

“There’s just so much of it that has burned,” Adams said.

Paradise is now keeping a close watch on the Dixie Fire burning just miles away.

“Seeing those big plumes of smoke really raises everyone’s anxiety levels,” Adams said.

“Obviously, folks that live in the area are nervous because they’re very aware and savvy of what fires do,” said Cal Fire spokesperson Robert Foxworthy.

Cal Fire keeps the people of Paradise in the back of their minds while attacking the flames.

“And that’s why we’re trying to get the fire extinguished as fast as we possibly can,” Foxworthy said.

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Fire crews relied heavily on air attacks to help contain the Dixie Fire. Though, planes were unexpectedly grounded Tuesday night because of an unauthorized drone.

“As soon as that drone got up, [air units] had to cease those operations. Our priority was that air attack, we couldn’t do that,” said Cal Fire spokesperson John Gaddie.

As of Wednesday night, the Dixie Fire has grown to burn more than 1,200 acres. Despite the proximity, Adams isn’t worried.

“Yes, a fire could come through again, but there was so much burned that it wouldn’t be near the kind of sweeping fire that we had,” Adams said.

Cal Fire said the burns scars from the Camp Fire could help protect the town from ever experiencing this again.

“When these fires will go through, they’ll get rid of that heavier brush and things on the ground, and then it switches more to like a lighter fuel,” said Foxworthy.

He said lighter fuel like grass can help slow fires down.

“The fire can still burn through the area but it won’t be as intense as it would have been,” Foxworthy said.

Despite the Dixie Fire currently moving away from areas like Paradise, officials say wind conditions can shift the direction of the flames.

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Going into the overnight hours Wednesday, Cal Fire hoped to take advantage of the lack of wind and the cooler temperatures to get this fire contained.