By Marc Woodfork

Chris Rock takes a turn at the horror genre in the latest installment of the popular “Saw” franchise. Rock plays a detective terrorized by a serial killer on a mission to seek justice.  As with the other films in the franchise, the story is completely predictable and heavily relies on the most torturous ways to kill someone.   Rocks’ character is the lead Detective investigating the murders of several former and present police officers.

The problem with “Spiral” is that there is nothing new added to the story.   I understand that it’s a formula that has worked in the past and audiences have a weird infatuation with this type of violence, but with horror movies taking a big leap forward in content and originality like “Us” and “Get Out”, the “Saw” films seem a decade behind the times.  I enjoy sitting in a theater and experiencing the excitement and screams of the audience that horror provides as much as the next person. But being overly grossed out doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t consider that a horror film.

For those that are missing and craving the horror fix, there are many other choices that are smart and will scare you as well. Maybe “Spiral” would’ve worked 10 years ago.  Maybe it will work 10 years down the road.  For now, pass on it.