By Anna Giles

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A face mask controversy has forced Governor Newsom to remove his kids from summer camp.

A group supporting recall efforts against the Governor circulated a photo showing one of his kids not wearing a mask indoors.

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Could accusations of hypocrisy hurt his campaign? Campaign experts say recall elections can get messy, especially when you start involving children.

Face masks for kids is still a very sensitive issue for parents.

“When the kids get sick, the parents have problems, so we definitely want to take precautions,” said Jhunar Bergonion, a Sacramento parent.

The mask issue involving Governor Newsom’s child would be a violation of a state policy, fueling backlash from groups like Reopen California Schools, which condemns mask requirements for kids and supports candidates running against the Governor in the recall election.

“You find campaigns looking underneath cabinets, underneath the sheets looking to dig up anything and everything they possibly can,” said Doug Elmets, president of Elmets Communications.

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Elmets is a public relations expert who said recall campaigns can get ugly.

A spokesperson for Governor Newsom’s family told the Associated Press that he and his wife were concerned and unaware that face masks were not being enforced at the camp.

“Families of candidates, especially children, have always been off-limits — whether it’s on the national stage or the local stage,” Elmets said.

Some of the Governor’s biggest critics agree. Former State representative Doug Ose, who is running against him in the recall election, tweeted: “Governor and Mrs. Newsom deserve privacy in dealing with family matters.”

“The real intent of a campaign is to drive up the negative view of the opponent,” Elmets said.

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When it comes to reopening schools in the fall, the Governor’s stance is that kids and adults must mask up while indoors, but enforcement is at the discretion of individual counties.