By CBS13 Staff

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A man who allegedly shot at another driver during an apparent road rage incident in Fairfield has been arrested, police say.

Fairfield police say a driver called 911 Sunday night to report that they had been shot at. The victim said they were on Interstate 80 when they encountered someone in a dark-colored SUV driving dangerously.

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For some reason, the suspect then followed the victim off the freeway onto Waterman Boulevard in Fairfield. The victim reported turning right to try and avoid a confrontation – but that’s when they heard a loud bang.

After getting home, the victim found that they had indeed been shot at; a bullet that had apparently gone through the driver’s side door was found lodged into the steering wheel.

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Police say they also got a report about a similar SUV being involved in another apparent road rage incident earlier in the night.

Armed with a good description of the suspect, as well as the license plate information, officers were soon able to track the suspect down along the 900 block of Beck Avenue.

Officers then used a bearcat vehicle to take the suspect, 45-year-old Fairfield resident Marcial Pineda, into custody. He has since been booked into jail and is facing numerous felony charges, police say.

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Police note that a Glock pistol and spent casing were found in Pineda’s SUV.