By Marissa Perlman

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Those on the Rocklin School Board were called bigots at a heated meeting after a vote gave them final say over new extracurriculars introduced into the district.

“You may have won a little victory tonight that you can go and hang your white hoods on,” said one Rocklin parent, Adrien.

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She calls the school board vote “shameful” and the board members “bigots.”

“I just felt compelled to get up and go speak,” she told CBS13.

She says she’s angry about the motion that now gives board members final say on all new electives taught in the district.
Only one board member voted “no.”

“It takes away the autonomy from the professionalism expertise from our educators,” he said at Wednesday’s meeting.

Anytime a new class is pitched, it needs approval from a “curriculum committee.”

Now it will have full oversight from the board.

Adrien, who is a parent of two minority kids, fears the board won’t allow classes like ethnic studies—a course the district is piloting at Rocklin High School this fall.

“They are going to take away the hope that these students have that they are going to have access to education they deserve,” Adrien said.

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Other parents in the district say ethnic studies should be taught at home.

“Teach your kids about race and kindness and love,” said a parent named LuAnn.

But she also say it should be up to parents, and the students themselves, what electives they should take.

“Don’t take away the kids choices,” she said.

Rocklin Seniors CBS13 spoke with agree.

“I just want our voices to be heard,” said Rocklin High School Senior, Ty.

So why leave it up to elected board members for approval? In response to CBS13’s questions, district leaders said, in part:

“The board policy requiring board approval of new high school courses applies to all subjects and possible courses, not any specific course or topic. The proposed Ethnic Studies elective course, and any future elective courses, will be placed on a board meeting agenda to allow board members the ability to serve their constituents and to have governance oversight of proposed new courses. The change will allow for transparency, allow members of the community and staff time to review the proposed elective curriculum, and have the opportunity to share their input prior to board members voting on the proposed elective course.”

The email correspondence went on to say:

“Many school districts throughout California present proposed new high school courses to their board for approval, this is consistent with the Boards role of governing the school district. The Rocklin Unified School District will continue to encourage creativity and innovation among faculty members in bringing new course proposals forward to the Board for review and approval. This new change will increase transparency and communication on new courses being offered at our high schools.”

For Adrien, she fears of a hidden agenda, and has one message for the board.

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“There is going to be a right and wrong side of history. What side do you want to be on? Because I want to be on the side of inclusivity,” she said.

Marissa Perlman