By Rachel Wulff

DIAMOND SPRINGS (CBS13) — It’s been a busy year for wildlife rescuers. Sanctuaries are stretched taking care of injured animals, especially in El Dorado County.

And recently, a fawn was found in a field with an arrow piercing through it.

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“It’s a violation, Fish and Game code violation for sure,” said Dave Cook with Sierra Wildlife Rescue.

Cook responded to the call.

“This fella on his own property had been monitoring a doe with a set of twins. Out there every day since June playing and then a couple days ago he saw one show up with an arrow through it,” Cook said.

A medical team treats the fawns – many of which are orphaned after a car hits their mother.

“Almost all the healthy orphans make it through to release day. We have a 30-50 percent survival rate, depending on the extent of the injury,” Cook said.

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The deer are then released into the wild, far away from civilization and roadways.

Sierra Wildlife Rescue is just one of several agencies devoted to saving them.

“We have five home rehabbers that have acreage at their place,” Cook said. “Fawns are raised in a way to keep them from becoming tame.”

Cook says they have taken in more than 160 injured orphaned fawns, compared with 92 last year. He isn’t sure whether more publicity or the Caldor Fire is the reason why.

Rescuers urge people to continue to be vigilant – and to contact a rescue group if they see injured wildlife.

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“The best thing to do is contact somebody like me.”