By Laura Haefeli

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Officers say a suspect is wanted for a string of apartment garage burglaries in Rocklin.

Rocklin police say, back on Monday morning, the suspect was caught on surveillance video in broad daylight burglarizing an apartment garage. Exactly what was taken was not disclosed, but surveillance cameras captured a clear picture of him.

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“I got a text message and email that our garages were being broken into,” said Ronnie Nelson who lives in one of the apartment complexes targeted by the suspect

It appears that he’s the same suspect who also burglarized a garage at the James Apartments with another individual back in late September, investigators say. He pulled up in the same vehicle as also seen in that previous burglary seen in the video below.

Neighbors are on high alert.

“I don’t put anything that I want valuable in there,” said Nelson

Police say they have seen an increase in burglaries of detached garages at Rocklin apartment complexes. The burglars are someone defeating the outer garage locks, then manually opening the door.

Rocklin Police Sgt. Andre Booker says it’s not your typical burglary, the suspect’s style is more advanced.

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“The garages aren’t damaged, so we believe he’s manipulating the lock, entering the garage after unlocking it and closing it behind,” Booker said.

Booker says to make sure vehicles are secure inside garages.

“I just don’t go to our garage anymore,” Nelson said.

He said he barely even keeps belongings inside his garage.

“This is it. I don’t want to pay for my stuff to get stolen,” he said.

Neilson is disappointed he pays for a garage he can’t use.

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Anyone who recognizes the suspect in Monday’s burglary is urged to call police at (916) 625-5400.