By Marlee Ginter

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Three children sat together with fear in their hearts but faith in their souls. This week, they got news that shook them to their core. Their father, 45-year-old Bobby Gayle Jr., had been shot point-blank seven times.

“He tried to charge him, kill him. We’re still humans,” 12-year-old Noah told CBS13.

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“It scares me to know that people like this go in the world with hate and anger and take it on other people just because,” said 15-year-old Zion.

Surveillance video shows the shooter holds his gun straight out firing shots even as Bobby backs away with his hands in the air. A witness says the suspect shouted the N-word repeatedly as he pulled the trigger.

“I have a lot of different, other types of friends—Latinos, Whites, Blacks or whatever—and I don’t want to exclude anyone. It ain’t just about Black love it’s everybody’s love and the love of Christ is the main thing,” Bobby said in a video his brother, Marlon, recorded in his hospital room.

“Excuse me, I can’t talk too much. I have two bullet holes in my face, through my neck, shoulder,” said Bobby. “I’m in pain a little bit right now but it’s a good pain. I can feel myself being carried by the Lord. This is the Lord’s work.”

Bobby revealed his gunshot wounds one by one, but after all is said and done, Bobby holds on to his faith and focuses on his family.  He was quick to let his children know that he’s OK.

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“Daddy loves you guys and I’ll see you guys shortly.  I’ll have a surgery tomorrow,” Bobby said in the video.

“I felt relieved and glad that he’s still OK and that he’s in a hospital bed healing,” said 11-year-old Faith.

The fear of hate and anger they’ve now seen firsthand is not enough to curb this family’s faith.

“It’s kind of like be angry but sin not. You know you can be angry at things and decide, let’s make it better,” said Marlon.

“We come from a family of love. There’s no hatred over here 100%. That’s just not me,” said Bobby.

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The suspect, 31-year-old Michael Hayes, was booked into jail on attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon and weapons charges. He’s expected in court Friday when the San Joaquin County District Attorney tells CBS13 she plans to file hate crime charges.