By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local woman is turning everyday sights into works of art—all with just her iPhone.

Carol Mott-Binkly loves taking pictures. This self-described goofball, who is a mother to five chickens and two chihuahuas, worked in the advertising and marketing department at Tower Records for 19 years.

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So wherever she walks, she’s always got her iPhone ready.

“All of my photos are random,” she said. “They’re not posed, they’re not planned. They just happen.”

Her work is called street art photography. Her work has been published in the Sacramento Bee and served as a bell ringer during the KVIE auction.

Dee Neath is the former curator who brought Carol on board.

“I actually had to go to my jurors and sell the idea this was an iPhone photo,” Dee said of one of Carol’s works. “They didn’t believe it.”

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She saw the art in Carol’s work.

“Nobody ever asks a painter what brand of paint do you use. You don’t ask a photographer ‘Oh, was that taken with a Canon?’ This is her medium,” Dee said. “What Carol does is she takes it one step further to make it into fine art, she prints on really good paper.”

Carol’s work is being featured at Archival Gallery on Folsom Boulevard, and the name of the exhibit: CaroliPhoneia.

“This is my little dog Ms. Doris,” Carol said of one of her photos. “I call it Beware of Dog because i just love the way this ten-pound dog is commanding security.”

Snapshots of Carol’s life are as offbeat as she admittedly is.

“She takes it from a simple moment that she captured on her iPhone and makes it into something that can be put on the wall, that people want to look at for years to come,” Dee said.

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Carol hopes her story sets the stage for others to follow their passions