By Laura Haefeli

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies were nearly run over by their own patrol vehicle during an altercation with a suspect Thursday afternoon.

They were driving along Watt Avenue when their vehicle was attacked by a suspect. One witness described the events.

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“He threw something at the cops and that’s why they jumped out,” Eric Stan said.

Leaving their SUV behind, the deputies confronted the suspect outside of a tire shop. Stan is an employee there.

“They ran after the guy, tased him, picked him up off the ground and slammed him on the concrete,” he told CBS13.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, a fight between all three individuals sent the group to the ground.

“The whole time they’re doing that, their SUV is rolling backwards,” Stan said.

Picking up speed, the SUV was getting closer to the two officers and the suspect who was in handcuffs.

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“And if it wasn’t for my boss running after the car and yelling at them that the car was moving, they would have been on the ground with the suspect and it would have just backed over all of them,” Stan said.

One deputy was able to get up and into the vehicle to hit the brakes — but it was just a bit too late. The SUV just hit the second deputy and suspect.

“It ran over [the suspect’s] legs. I just heard him scream. That was insane, I couldn’t believe it,” Stan said.

The suspect and deputy suffered only minor injuries and were taken to local hospitals. Neither had any broken bones.

“It could have been serious for everybody,” Stan said.

The suspect involved was charged with a felony and misdemeanor and for violating parole stemming from an attempted homicide in 2015.

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CBS13 did reach out to both the California Highway Patrol and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office for additional details about why the patrol car was not put into park. We did not immediately hear back.