By Marlee Ginter

AUBURN (CBS13) — This summer’s burned bear cubs are now getting their own university, a place where they can actually learn how to be a bear — because that’s not easy to do without Mama bear anymore.

“We have to keep them through to next spring or even the summer because they stay 18-to-24 months with their moms in the wild. We’re their moms and they have to grow up,” said Gold Country Wildlife Rescue Founder Sallysue Stein.

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The three bear cubs that survived this summer’s raging wildfires are now getting a second shot at life and a chance to learn how to live it like a bear.

They’re orphaned cubs with severe injuries. Some even suffered burns all the way to bone. While they’re 50 to 60 pounds now, they’ll grow to up to 200 pounds.

That’s where Bear Cub University comes in.

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“Bear Cub University is critically important because they need space. And they need large structures to climb on, they need to develop their muscles, they need to learn how to build a den, they need to learn to scrounge around for food,” said Stein.

It will basically be a sanctuary where the cubs can grow and learn until they’re ready to go back into the wild and live on their own.

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue has raised $201,000 of its $250,000 goal.

The growing bears have a big appetite. Stein says one month of groceries can cost $5,000.

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You can help the group keep the bears fed and “in school” by donating online.