By Marlee Ginter

LAND PARK (CBS13) — Two families are mourning after a small neighborhood fight turned deadly.

An apartment complex off Seavey Circle in Upper Land Park was peppered with balloons and candles. Family members told CBS13 such a huge amount of loss may have started over something as meaningless as cigarettes.

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“It’s not worth it. Think about what you’re doing because you could lose your life or the people you love,” said Isabel’s dad Brandon.

Isabel would’ve celebrated her 8th birthday on Monday. Her mother Monica had no idea how precious a few grainy pictures from a little instant camera would become. They’re the last pictures she took of her little girl.

“We took them yesterday on the way over here,” said Monica standing beside Isabel’s growing memorial.

Just hours after those pictures were taken, Isabel would be shot and killed.

“She was just innocent and sweet, never did anything wrong to nobody, very happy,” said Monica. “Baby girl, don’t be scared.”

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“It hurts. I didn’t ever think I could see my daughter go like that. The image is still burning in my brain of her, right there,” Brandon said.

Police say the little girl was caught in the crossfire of her own uncle’s gun. Tyrice Martin, 22, is now at the Sacramento County Main Jail facing two homicide charges.

“I love you, bro, but you crossed the line. Words can’t explain what you took from me, bro,” Brandon said.

Brandon says his brother, Tyrice, had had some sort of altercation with another man in the apartment complex the day before which then escalated into Tyrice firing shots hitting and killing the neighbor and his own niece.

“I just need to know why you did this to me? I just need to know why?” said Brandon. “We’ll get through this because you’re my bro.”

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Across the parking lot from Isabel’s memorial, there are more candles for the other victim. Friends gathering would only tell CBS13 he was a young father caught in the wrong place.